"There is a pervasive narrative that even now, in 2017, seeks to undermine the necessity, potential, and positive realities of Black men. It is one that has never sat right with me, personally and as part of the ICON MANN collective, because life experience and daily examples set by many great Black men -like you- tell me otherwise. Everyday there is an acute awareness of your grace, integrity, passion, pride, strength of character, and purpose. I am reminded of this each time I think of the legendary Sidney Poitier. 

Much has been written about Mr. Poitier's more than 70 years in entertainment as an Actor, Director, Best-selling Author, the first Black man to win an Academy Award, Diplomat, global Humanitarian, and the list goes on. What has never been explored is the very reality of how his being and journey to these accomplishments have inspired an immeasurable amount of men--Black, White and beyond. 

All to often the most obvious, isn't so obvious. Giving collective tribute to our greats, such as Mr. Poitier, while they are able to receive them being one such example. Thankfully, Lexus Automotive and EBONY shared our passion and provided the support to get us started on the initial phase of this most meaningful road. Over the course of the coming year as we move forward with the full-length documentary on Mr. Sidney Poitier, know that our vision will continually be guided by this handsome collective. 

We are all the torchbearers of our history and as such we come together in an ICON MANN Salute to the 90th year of the legendary Mr. Sidney Poitier. May it inspire you to not only document the legend in your life, but share with us how you honor him.

Peace and continued blessings,

Tamara N. Houston (Founder) + Blair Underwood
Executive Producers