You've heard it said before. We've all heard it said before, "You black man come from kings." Yet when confronted only with the visual references of our collective oppressed history it can be difficult to see beyond the negativity and stereotypes that have penetrated a reality that all to often provides not foundational basis for one to assert that you Black man do in fact come from kings -or better yet that you Black man have as much a place in modernity as anyone else. British artist LYNETTE YIADOM-BOAKYE for great measure missed that narrow minded diatribe. Her impressive, and high-coveted art work is emotive and intimate in a way that makes one say, "YES!"   Yes, I know that guy in the pink shirt.  Yes, I know those eyes, and that smile. It's my father, brother, uncle, lover, husband, friend. Yes, I know that Black man, and he knows me.