Photo courtesy of Chris Brown

Photo courtesy of Chris Brown

Your age, your professional moniker, and daughter's age? 

27. Entertainer, and Artist, and Father of Royalty age 2  

When you discovered that Royalty may have been your child, you were proactive in seeking to be part of her life instead of making an excuse (in the prime of life, famous, busy career) to avoid it. Why? Knowing that her presence would transform your life, what was the conversation you had with yourself? 

When I found out about my daughter, A lot of emotions were running through my head.  Backing out was not an option in my head.  I would never run from a responsibility, especially not from the angel God has blessed me with. 

What did fatherhood mean to your before Royalty? Now, what does it mean-what is she teaching you? 

Fatherhood has been something I wanted to experience for a while.  I had no experience, but the challenge and the love I have for my daughter has been teaching me everything about life! 

How has loving your daughter, being present in her life changed your view on the world, and how you want to impact it? 

My views haven't changed much on our society.  Humans are humans, success, failures, love, and humility.  I just hope that I can allow her to grow and become a wonderful woman. 

  Photo courtesy of Chris Brown

Photo courtesy of Chris Brown

What has been one of the hardest things about fatherhood for you?  What is the best thing about fatherhood? 

The hardest part of being a father is... Given my past life and the "Rockstar" things I used to do, I won't allow negativity to consume or convolute her growth. 

The ‘easy’ part is that I want the ABSOLUTE BEST for ROYALTY and our time together can never be replaced. 

Your life is under an ever-present microscope of media, making it difficult to do everyday father-daughter things like Disneyland, or spontaneous walks in the park. How do you make certain that those intrusive elements do not negatively impact Royalty's experience with the world? 

I have security for me and her. People are usually polite and give us space, so I make sure we do everything a normal kid would do so she can have a humble outlook on affection and kindness. 

Kids can be really funny. Is there anything your daughter does or says that makes you laugh out loud? 

My daughter is literally my twin!!!  It's scary. 

What are your dreams for Royalty? 

It's not so much of my dream for her. I want her to have her own dreams and aspirations. I’m just the unconditional supporter for her. I love what she will love. 

  Photo courtesy of Chris Brown

Photo courtesy of Chris Brown

What music do you guys jam to in the car, or at home? 

My daughter knows my songs, but I'm no one compared to "Frozen."  She sings and watches that twice a day. 

If you could say one thing to young fathers, who aren't certain they are ready for the responsibility of raising a child, what would it be? 

I would tell young men to practice safe sex if they aren't going to be able to take care of a responsibility like that.  No one is perfect except the children we bring into the world.  They don't have a choice and it's not their fault for our mistakes.  We need more men to teach love and understanding to the future mothers of the world, and we have to be selfless.  A child comes first.  We come second. 

The biggest misconception about Black fathers is …?  

I'm not going to discredit Black men with the curse of negligence. There is not one race better then the next and we all have our issues. Men and women as a whole should be responsible enough to provide for their family. 

What legacy would you like Royalty to inherit? 

The legacy is a choice.  My daughter doesn't have to follow in my footsteps, but if she wants to I'll be there to do my best.  I just want her to have every opportunity possible while being able to maintain humility and love!  ❤️ 

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