Photography by Matt Sayles

Photography by Matt Sayles

Age, Professional Moniker, and Name/Ages of kids?  

CAA Motion Picture Talent Agent, and Father of Kai (4 ¾) and Mila (16 months) 

You are married, how has loving Natalie informed who you are as a man, a husband, and a father?  

She makes me a better man, a great father, and a forever working-at-it to be perfect husband. Overall she’s made me a better person. Through her love, she has helped me become more patient and appreciate life’s blessings. 

Your dad was a big influence in your life, what is your best childhood, or young adult memory with him?  

My best memory with my father would be his last lesson of Tai Chi he gave to me and my son. 

What is your most treasured time spent, or activity with your children -the 'just us time' that lives in your heart and mind?  

My most treasured time is soccer with Kai and taking them both to LACMA. 

  Photography by Matt Sayles

Photography by Matt Sayles

What's the most important lesson you hope to teach your son? Is this the same lesson for your daughter? If not, what is the most important lesson you hope to teach her?  

The most important lesson I’d like to teach him is to be his own man, own his confidence, be kind to people, and strive to be a good citizen. This is same lesson I hope to teach my daughter. 

What has been one of the hardest things about fatherhood?  (or one of the hardest moments you've experienced as a father)  

One of the hardest things about fatherhood is doing it without my father here to be a part of it. 

What legacy would you like to leave for your son/daughter?  

The legacy I would like to leave behind for them is, understanding the importance of family, faith, community, and wealth. I also want them to always remember how valuable they are and how much power they have within. 

  Photography by Matt Sayles

Photography by Matt Sayles

The biggest misconception about Black fathers is...?  

The misconception is that we are not present in our children’s lives, and nothing could be further from the truth. I am the benefactor of growing up with a great father and two great grandfathers who were in their sons’ and daughters’ lives and theirs before them. 

How has being a father informed how you move through the world?  

My decision-making is more strategic and thoughtful. I’m mindful that the decisions I make affect more than just myself, they affect my family. 

Given the demands of your profession as a Talent Agent (clients, travel, set visits etc) time spent at home can be elusive, what are the words/sentiment you wish to say more to your family, but is often unsaid?  

I can never say I love them enough although I do so daily. Nothing is harder than leaving them, even if it’s just for the day.