Photo courtesy of Blair Underwood

Photo courtesy of Blair Underwood

Age, Professional Moniker, and Name/Ages of kids? 

51, Actor, Father of three teenagers; 15 year old boy, 17 year old daughter and 19 year old son. 

You and Desiree have been married for twenty-three years, how has loving her informed who you are as a man, a husband, and a father?' 

Loving her has made me a better man, husband and father because she has made me more patient, empathetic and compassionate. Her perspective of life, especially her feminine strength has taught me volumes about the human spirit and family. 

Your dad was in the military which afforded you a birds-eye view to the world, what is your best childhood, or young adult memory with him?  

 My best memories of my dad were when we would have family, summer road-trips to Steubenville, Ohio or across country. My favorite time was when he would be driving and I would be in the passenger seat as a young boy. The best times would be during the middle of the night when the world is asleep. Everyone else in the family would be sleeping in the car and it would be pitch black across the plains or traversing through the mountains. We would discuss any and everything about life. The mind, heart and soul resonates most authentically between the hours of dusk and dawn. 

What is your most treasured time spent, or activity with your children -the 'just us time' that lives in your heart and mind? 

 I hadn't thought of this until answering these questions but my most cherished times with my kids are when we are in the car together, in the morning and on the way to school. They are just starting their day and their minds and spirits are recharged from the night before...most times. 

  Photo c  ourtesy of Blair Underwood

Photo courtesy of Blair Underwood

What music do you and your kids jam to in the car? 

All kinds. Very eclectic. 

What's the most important lesson you have taught your sons? Is this the same lesson for your daughter? If not, what is the most important lesson you hope to teach her? 

For my sons and daughter, the most important lesson is to recognize that they are children of God and they should always carry themselves accordingly. 

Secondly, the lessons of personal safety and self-protection balanced with a healthy dosage of empathy for others. 

What has been one of the hardest things about fatherhood?  (or one of the hardest moments you've experienced as a father) 

 It is my belief that strength, growth, and wisdom often times emerge from a place of pain and hurt. One of the hardest things about fatherhood is allowing your children to experience pain and hurt for the bigger cause; their happiness and future. 

  Photo c  ourtesy of Blair Underwood

Photo courtesy of Blair Underwood

Being a parent can be a really humbling experience.  Can you recall a moment when you've missed the mark, or when you've had to apologize to your child for something?  Please tell us about that moment. 

Sure. Life can get the best of all of us. I've missed the mark countless times as a father. The biggest regrets are usually when I've said something out of anger that I didn't really mean. In those moments, 

I've found it humbling yet necessary to apologize to them. That, I have found, has been a lesson unto itself. The lesson of humility and understanding that not only is apologizing not a sign of weakness but conversely, it is absolutely, a sign of strength. 

The biggest misconception about Black fathers is...? 

The biggest misconception about black fathers is that we are absent and apathetic to our women and children. I vigorously disagree and hundreds of thousands of Bruthas across the globe would say the same! 

You are naturally expressive, but surely there are words/sentiment that evade you in the course of any given day with work-filming demands, what are the words you wish to say more to your family? 

The words that you can never say enough of is; "I love you" and "I'm proud of you."

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