Leaders are persistent visionaries who think far in advance of the market, their peers, and society. One of the most fitting descriptions of SEAN ‘DIDDY’ COMBS was Lyor Cohen’s 2001 reference on VH-1’s Behind The Music when he was accessing Combs’ importance to music and culture and said, “Sean, that motherfucker’s necessary.”  

Professionally, Combs is undeniable. He has conquered music, fashion, beverages/spirits, media, and even stage. Now, he is using the bandwidth of that well-earned power to generate a legacy in the American education system with the creation of Capital Preparatory Harlem: a school that will change the generational trajectory of hundreds of black youths in Harlem, with the help of Dr. Steve Perry, an ICON MANN 28 MEN of CHANGE. On Monday, March 28th, Combs announced the creation of the Capital Preparatory Harlem charter school, which is scheduled to open in the NYC neighborhood this fall. 

 Six years prior, Combs approached Dr. Perry whilst both were at a social engagement and said, “no one knows this, but I‘ve always wanted to start a school.” Perry listened, but had other, more immediate, ideas that would serve the original Hartford, Connecticut campus of Capital Preparatory better. He felt a scholarship would be more befitting, but Combs was singular in his vision. Now some six years later these two men of powerful manifestation have combined forces to launch this new charter school in Combs’ native Harlem. 

 "Creating this school is a dream come true for me," Combs said in a release. "I want to impact the lives of young people in my community, and build future leaders. The first step is offering access to a quality education." 

 This fall, Capital Prep Harlem will open its doors to local 6th and 7th graders. In success, it will scale to 12th grade and at maximum capacity educate 700 students. Taking a lead from the tremendous success that Dr. Perry has created, one can safely bet that the near 99% graduation to college acceptance rate he has seen at Capital Prep (Hartford) will only continue. 

 For more on Dr. Steve Perry, click on the Archives and see his 28 MEN OF CHANGE video. This brother is indeed on a mission to fix our schools and prepare our youth for their proper, leading position in society. Now that is something to talk about!