“History will show that Africa gave more than it ever received - it is the true donor nation. …when it should be Best In Class”

~  Ozwald Boateng

If change, philanthropy and transformation had a look, what would it be? In the case of the Saville Row wunderkind Ozwald Boateng OBE it is sleek, tailored form, ambitious determination -unapologetically so. He is a self-made Brit of purpose with a firm identification of his Ghanaian roots, and the opportunities that his success brings to create a legacy of empowerment for his people. Raised with the words of his father, "Every African has an obligation to build a great Africa,' Boateng is engaging Africans and the world to recognize the richness and growth opportunities on the continent.  In success his efforts with MADE IN AFRICA, providing support and master plans funding for large scale infrastructure projects across the African continent, will lift more than 200 Million African people out of poverty. Inspiring? YES, so we will let him tell you all about it in the video below.