Black dads are doing the best of all, is the proclamation made by The New York Times Columnist Charles Blow, and we could not agree more. For all the societal challenges they face daily, Black fathers (notice the italics) are welcoming the opportunity to create generational legacy. They are compassionate, committed, driven, and have a firm understanding of whose shoulders they stand on. Knowing this we decided to ring up some of the coolest dads, and sons we know and find out more for this special Father’s Day edition of ICON MANN. 

"To be a father is the most noble calling an African-American man can ever undertake. 
In historical context, the black father was a soldier taking up the sword and banner of a disgraced order of knights."  
-Ta-Nehisi Coates


The positive conversation of Black fathers might never be a frontpage mainstream media agenda, but thankfully there are some men who are seeking to use their platforms to speak poignantly. This month for CULTURE instead of bringing you literary, film, art, and music insights, we are bringing you opinion and experience. First up is CHARLES BLOW with some impressive qualitative stats. Then TA-NEHISI COATES, winner of the 2015 MacArthur Genius prize and author of the new best-selling series of ‘Blank Panther’ comic books addresses the new realities of being ‘Mr. Mom.’ We round out the selection with NFL player DEVON STILL whose personal, and professional worlds collided when his daughter MVP faced cancer. Devon let’s us know that being a father-hero does not require a cape, or special powers, but is does require love!