In 2014, ICON MANN created, 28 Men of Change, in observance of the Black History Month, with the purpose of positively changing the global dialog surrounding Black Men.   Each day, starting February 1st thru 28th, we profiled a contemporary, successful man as he shared his journey and why it is that his professional and personal advancement is dependent on his continued investment in philanthropy. We wanted to know what would happen if we created  an opportunity for the unified Diaspora of Black Men to speak towards the collective good. If it takes 21 days to break a habit and make a new one, we imagined the uplifting and inspiring ripple affect that could occur when 28 of the most influential Black men united to share the necessity of being a Change Agent.  And now, one year later, we ask ourselves, what if for 365 days we continued the conversation and shared good, insightful, and impactful news from these brilliant men of change.  We invite you to share in the journey, be moved, and be forever "changed" as ICON MANN enters 2015 -- with new content, new creators of change, and  new way to see yourself in the world.